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Language influence

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About two years ago I have decided to learn more about LISP mainly because I’ve got intrigued by Paul Graham essays. Then of course the famous Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, which was an excellent way to learn LISP (Scheme), introduced me more into the functional programming paradigm.

The experience of just playing with LISP and learning functional concept (e.g. immutability) had a tremendous influence on my programming in Java (the day-to-day language for me), which I believe helped creating more reliable code. LISP has not become my programming language of choice, but it definitely widen the horizon for me as to where programming, even with imperative languages like Java, can be taken.

As mentioned in the previous post, Scala has become our primary language of interest — the target on the horizon, so to speak. And so far it was only a pleasant experience. Similarly to LISP, Scala also makes people think differently and make better, more concise programs. In How Scala Changed My Programming Style Bill Venners shares how Scala influences his programming in Java. This is a really nice post, which basically shows that even if Scala will not become your primary language it is worth learning just to become a better programmer.