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It has been quite a wile since the last post… Since then several things have happened. First of all we have got a permission to open source our Query API, which will be happening in the next several month or so.

Also, the Trident Genesis platform is nearing its first milestone providing the core functionality for creating domain driven applications. The platform has been already successfully used in several trial projects. The current development is focused on enabling HTTP data marshaling to provide the RIA aspect of the platform, which is one of its key features.

In the past we have discussed the possibility of developing a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for the Trident Genesis platform, but the choice of technology for that task was not clear until now. In the past we have discussed different approaches, which included the use of ANTLR and a custom Eclipse plugin. However, all of that required a huge effort up-front as well as down stream for providing continuous support for a custom DSL and IDE integration. Lately, our particular interest was in exploring languages with meta-programming support, which would compile down to JVM binary code and could be integrated with Java. It appears that Scala is a very promising technology meeting our requirement. Developed in Scala DSL is internal to Scala taking advantages of all language features and IDE support, and at the same time it can be considered as an external DSL to Java providing all the required bindings to the Trident Genesis platform.

So, lots of exciting developments are in progress and even more is planned (:

All the best to everyone in 2009 — work hard and stay happy!