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A quick update

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Dear visitors,

We’re currently flat out working on a new platform for development of EAM systems, and as a result have literally no opportunity to progress further with our site.

There are however some good news too (:. We’re planning on open sourcing our in-house Query API, which is an internal DSL/framework for writing JDBC/SQL queries. It is being used in production for over a year now, and due to the recent express of interest in the blog sphere to similar frameworks we’ve decided to share our own creation. Some of the main features are type safety, full support of PreparedStatement and parameters value reassignment, sub-selects (e.g. select from select, in select), variable arguments, easy to use for obtaining single row/value, convenient resource management (i.e. closing of result sets and prepared statements).

So, please stay tuned — Query API should be released as soon as we get a clearance from the upper management.